Monday, 17 October 2011

Respectable receptacle

I was a bin.  Yes, just a bin,
ignored by all who passed,
but one man – Oliver Letwin –
has brought me fame at last.

My picture has been taken
and I’m in the national news.
No longer am I just a bin
For packets and dog poos.

For Oliver, he shared with me,
His letters day by day.
Now the letters aren’t the only
things which he has thrown away.

‘Cause he thinks he’s kept his dignity
and people still respect him.
While I, though just a humble bin,

© Fran Hill

Oliver Letwin apologises for dumping papers in park bin
Fran lives in the West Midlands (UK). She teaches English in a local secondary school, writes, performs, blogs, tweets and tries to resist chocolate.