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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Party Colours

Our Cat Lady, dear Tessie May
Has made a most charming display:
Our old Nasty thing
Has been in since the spring,
And now Stupid has come out to play!

© Philip Challinor

Clarke and May clash over Human Rights Act story
Philip blogs at 'The Curmudgeon' - He insists, "You'll come for the curses. You'll stay for the mudgeonry." Philip is the author of a number of books.


  1. Okay she got it a bit wrong emphasising on the cat (yet the cat was mentioned in his right to family life). That said I agree (with her) that ‘Human Rights’ are exploited by cunning lawyers to the detriment of the acts true meaning and that the ‘rights’ of those with criminal persuasion become paramount and bugger the victim.

    Loopholes are loopholes and should be filled with justice.

    Anna :o]

  2. The cat was mentioned as evidence of the stability of the relationship he was in. It was not the reason for his non-deportation. May said that he was not deported because he had a pet cat, which is more than a bit wrong, and inclines more than somewhat in the direction of total falsehood.