Tuesday, 25 October 2011

On Voyeurism

Enough photos to fill an album
Enough words to write a book…

We can peek through her window
And take a general look
At her kitchen – why
It’s a bit like mine!
I have the same electric hob,
Same door in pine!
Have you seen her bedroom?
It’s like a shrine I guess…
Her place, her asylum
From the stress of modern life
Frozen in time
(Unlike like her death
As the media dissect
Her privacy
And voyeuristically
We join in the awful circus).

I suspect…
As her last breath
Was squeezed out of her
In those final moments of
Sheer and utter terror
She did not consider
That she would become
For the gutter press
And have pages
Dedicated to her
On Twitter.

© 'Anna'

'I didn't strangle her for sexual thrills' says killer Vincent Tabak
Anna is passionate about her world and writes about her feelings in both poetry and prose.  She lives in the UK and for personal reasons, prefers to remain just 'Anna.'