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Friday, 28 October 2011


Two poems, inspired by 'Occupy' protests on both sides of the Atlantic.


From a melting pot comes bologna, mashed
spiced beef and pork in a can – favorite sandwich
meat in Liberty Plaza before the heady days
of Zuccotti, ego tripped on bushes and money,
and September 11th memories trampled.

But bologna is back again, symbol of the poor –
they eat it with rooibos tea, under tarps, a mix
of need and health, while orange nets fish
for them as they sit and drum, or shout out
for more from the exotic one percent.

But it is Bologna that sends their story
around the world, pepper sprayed on wings
of droplets borne from a pig, with a beef
finely honed.  And so there were girls
blinded, as millions saw clearly.

© Lavinia Kumar

Zuccotti Park neighbors furious at Occupy Wall St. protesters over 'noise and garbage'
Lavinia Kumar lives in New Jersey. Her family includes a variety of cultures and immigrants. Her poetry has appeared in Waterways, Thatchwork (Delaware Valley Poets), Orbis, US1 Worksheets, and more.

God Helps Those...

(with apologies to Martin Niemöller)

First I went to the bank;
but I wasn't a banker, so they did nothing.
Then I went to the politicians;
but I wasn't a banker, so they did nothing.
Then I went to the Press;
but I wasn't a banker, so they did nothing.
Then I went to the Church;
but they had shares in HSBC, and called the riot squad in.

© Philip Challinor

Bishop of London offers debate with Occupy protesters if they disband
Philip blogs at 'The Curmudgeon' - He insists, "You'll come for the curses. You'll stay for the mudgeonry." Philip is the author of a number of books.


  1. So is this what the four hoarse men of the Apocalypse were shouting about then?

  2. "And lo, I beheld a fifth horse, which bolted; and the rulers of the world shut every door behind it, and proclaimed the virtue thereof. And the fifth horse reared and neighed, and the market place arose, and fell into the dust, and arose again, as one stricken with the grovelling sickness. And the name of the horse was Economic Mismanagement, and he that rode on it was wealthy, and prospered a thousand years."

    Revelation (Unauthorised Version)

  3. Had a spot of trouble accessing the link to the NY Times Zuccotti Park report myself. For anyone with the same problem, I think this NBC report I stumbled upon instead might be similar: