Monday, 10 October 2011

Breaking News!

Good News! Tackling
the Broken Society and moral collapse
is now top of David Cameron’s agenda.
He has declared war on the gangs
he says are ‘responsible for the recent riots’,
gangs that Kenneth Baker claims
to be run by a feral criminal underclass.

Expect them soon to make another declaration:
war on the feral criminal overclass
who kicked off the whole demolition process:
crippling the economy, decimating public services,
breaking the rules of probity and decency,
sending oodles of unearned moolah to offshore havens,
well before the underclasses took to the streets.

Any day now there will be dawn police raids
on merchant bankers, MPs,
the Murdoch clan and a rash of tax evaders,
followed by their extraordinary rendition
to Iraq, where they will be questioned
by the Security Forces, secure in the promise
they will not be subjected to torture of any kind.

So the rest of us may sleep easy in our beds, knowing
our society is being mended from the top down
in a decent sort of way by those
who are already a hairsbreadth from winning
the other wars they have less recently declared:
on corruption; on drugs; on terrorism.
Good news indeed!

© Colin Watts

Top Tories go on the attack against rioters
Colin Watts is author of four collections of poems. He works in Adult Learning and is not a millionaire.