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Monday, 3 October 2011

A Big City

I came to London to see the world.
And what did I see?
I saw the me!
Running about like a bug;
No time for a mug.
Eat my crisps in pain;
I don't know why I'm trying again!
Let me lean on this wall, because, damn, I'm very tall!
My back is so sore, maybe because I'm poor.
Spent a fortune on a house, makes me feel a mere mouse!

Since then.
I've time for two mugs,
No longer feel like a bug!
Can eat my crisps without pain;
No need to try again!
Poverty is no more;
Cause I can go to the store.
Do not need a wall; I've come to the mall,
By car, no fuss, don't need the bus!

© Dr Ross Cooper

Zimbabwean fronts Middlesbrough 'city' bid
Ross grew up in Zimbabwe until 2001 before moving to the UK, to work as a senior lecturer. Ross likes writing books and poetry, and reading African literature.

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