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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Why We Fight

So now we're rid of Tony's nasty chum,
See freedom beckon! Look, we've blitzed your way!
What? Preferential treatment? Oh, come come!
The civilised do not do things that way.
What's that? A drop of cheap petroleum?
One for the road, indeed? Well, I won't say
No to a tipple, if you're having some.

© Philip Challinor

UK trade minister begins business talks in Libya
Philip blogs at 'The Curmudgeon' - He insists, "You'll come for the curses. You'll stay for the mudgeonry." Philip is the author of a number of books.


  1. The acuteness of the observation is helped no end by the obtuseness of the blatancy involved.

  2. Acute observation indeed! When the dust settles it will be interesting to see the make-up of the new ruling group and where their allegiances take them!

  3. Composition: the noisy and ready to fight;
    Allegiance: for profit, direction sharp right.