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Wednesday, 7 September 2011


He ripped a record
out of the blue,
and pinned it
with his FD2.

A Fairey tale
of derring do,
in delta form,
his FD2.

Now on his way
beyond the blue,
Tally-ho! Peter,

© Martin Hodges

Air speed record pilot Peter Twiss dies
Martin is a writer, and former columnist. He has twice been editor of Viewpoint (a forum for INDEPENDENT internal comment within the University of Southampton), and is co-founder of Poetry24.


  1. A fine tribute Martin.

    Hope the lad sets new records beyond the blue.

    Anna :o]

  2. Thank you, both. They don't make them like Peter Twiss anymore.

  3. Wonderful stuff - thanks for this one Martin :)

  4. gabrielle - Glad you like it. His passing couldn't go without a mention.

    Hamish - Thanks. Peter lived the dreams held by many boys, I'm sure.