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Monday, 5 September 2011

The Last Bastion

Oh Harrogate, my Harrogate
(tis where I live in grand estate).
The game is up,
the deed almost done,
Harrogate has lost,
big business won,
no more shall we
in peace
dine alfresco,
for we shall
have to abide
the noise from

© 'Anna'

The only postcode without a Tesco – but for how much longer?
Anna is passionate about her world and writes about her feelings in both poetry and prose.  She lives in the UK and for personal reasons, prefers to remain just 'Anna.'


  1. I like this! I've never been to Harrogate but I believe it's rather posh! Definitely not Tesco country!

  2. Ah, Tesco! My wife hates the place. She actually ran away from an aisle full of Pringles once, having felt oddly spooked by a floor-to-ceiling wall of unrelenting smiley yellow faces.

    Myself, I eagerly await the James Bond spoof in which 007 seeks to halt T.E.S.C.O. corporation's cunning scheme for world domination. So it was with barely supressed delight that I read the other day that Tesco has finally met its match in Japan - the world's third-biggest grocery market:


    It seems Japanese consumers want nothing to do with new hypermarkets, prefering instead to stick with smaller-scale shops they are already familiar with, thereby forcing Tesco to cut its losses (a mere £250 mil.) and head for the airport with its tail between its legs. Good for the Japanese! Keep shopping human, I say!

  3. Thanks for your kind comments folks.

    Bavo ~ I read about Japanese consumers apparent lack of interest in Tesco too. Brilliant stuff!

    Anna :o]

  4. Al fresco and Tesco! Good one! Sainsburys would have been so much harder to find a rhyme for ...

  5. Thanks Fran.

    You set my mind into overdrive re Sainsburys - I think I would have managed to put 'main worries' in somewhere.

    Anna :o]