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Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Moral Difference

We were not like those criminals at all.
To say so is offensive and inane.
Our gang was most exclusive and quite small -
When we got drunk, we did it on champagne.

One can't compare with Bullingdons and banks:
These rioters, I think, were simpler folk.
We had few coloured people in our ranks,
And rarely had to pay for what we broke.

Our antics were mere foolishness and fun:
No symptoms there of morals in collapse.
We all commit some follies when we're young,
But only some of us need take the raps.

Above all, we grew up to give our names
To propaganda sprogs and trophy wives;
And now we have our stake in greater games,
And play Monopoly with smaller lives.

© Philip Challinor

Bullingdon Club antics were nothing like the riots, says Cameron
Philip blogs at 'The Curmudgeon' - He insists, "You'll come for the curses. You'll stay for the mudgeonry." Philip is the author of a number of books.


  1. That is WONDERFUL. I absolutely love your 'propaganda sprogs', Philip.

  2. Thanks, both. Politicians' use of their children is their own business of course, in keeping with Family Values™; but Davey's repeated hints that he's demolishing the NHS because it's what little Ivan would have wanted have always seemed to me in rather questionable taste. As for being bang on; well, it isn't all that difficult with a target as soft as this one. Any high position in one of our two and a bit main political parties is pretty much equivalent to a KICK ME sign on the seat of the morals.

  3. Absolutely brilliantly done, Philip