Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Velvet Glove

Sparky's handiwork
dripped from the prongs
of a forklift truck

When they opened up the container
the murder scene
smelled phenomenal

Brett McCarthur gasped -
462 cases
in one fell swoop

When Sparky got the call
he was gut-wrenched
at having to kiss goodbye

to months of hard work,
over a million dollars
and his Velvet Glove

finest shiraz
dropped from a great height
never making the ship

Thankfully he wasn't a man
to operate
without insurance

© Heather Wastie

Australia: Forklift mishap destroys $1m of shiraz wine
Heather Wastie is a British poet, musician, performer & facilitator, born in the Black Country, now living in Worcestershire.