Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday Review

This week got off to a bang with Jane James's 'Harvest Time' - a rapid response to events in London... and an even bigger bang with David Bateman's irresistible 'A New Universe In The Basement'- which sparked neatly off a small item of news about a chap who's been splitting atoms in his kitchen.

We were surprised not to receive a deluge of riot-related pieces after all the coverage in the UK, but Lavinia Kumar's 'The Dalai Lama' was a fitting reminder of peace, wisdom and the 'sluggish river of sadness' ...and also echoed a more local sense of unsettled youth itching for a fight.

In the end I wrote a riot poem myself: 'The morning after' which attempted to show the feelings of futility and, like much of the exhaustive coverage, left you with more questions than answers. Yesterday we brought together Smash and Grab - a compilation of reponses to the riots including a haiku from David Caruso, a few lines from one of our Twitter followers and links to poems by previous contributors - Chris Lawrence's measured anger and Ana's more visceral polemic.

Jinksy's 'Aftermath' - five months after the Japanese Tsunami widened the perspective: it is well to remember that other people are in worse situations - and not self-inflicted! "Yet they survive another day..."

As, I hope, we all survive another week - have a good one, and keep those poems coming!