Saturday, 13 August 2011

Smash and Grab

Some responses to this week's riots in England:

fire in London
can’t put it out
with Potomac water

© David Caruso

Trouble erupts in English cities
David began writing haiku and tanka after taking a course in Buddhist poetry of Japan under the late Professor William LaFleur. He invites you to browse on over to


And here's a couple we 'looted' from amongst our followers:

Chris Lawrence lives with his muse in West Kirby and writes, having been published in many journals internationally and can be found on twitter @clawfish.


And, for a different flavour, Anna's poem was already on her blog, and longer than our maximum so we couldn't accept it, but here's an excerpt:
How easy
They succumb to stereotype,
The looters, the arsonists,
The bigot's fodder;
The bigots dream gifted,
Gifted by the very underclass
They wish to further
Read the whole poem here: What is this?


And this from Twitterer Arron Shilling

"Time is short now
the hoods are glowing white
dark moods blind the rats
and glass coppers shield the streets."


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