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Saturday, 27 August 2011

No Longer

No longer crying for attention,
meeting mother's eyes
as I form the first words.

No longer shaking my laughter free,
gasping in wonder
as the gift of life is unwrapped.

No longer pleading for mercy,
whispering a prayer
as the darkness descends.

No longer a name,
echoing off the walls
as days ricochet about me.

© Martin Hodges

Horror scenes at Tripoli hospital
Martin is a writer, and former columnist. He has twice been editor of Viewpoint (a forum for INDEPENDENT internal comment within the University of Southampton), and is co-founder of Poetry24.


  1. Oh my goodness...this is so sad. I also took a visit to the news link.. it's horrible. I feel sick in my stomach.

  2. Thanks for trying to capture some of the horror in words. It's just unbelievable, this situation. Inhuman.

  3. You speak for many of us with these words Martin, summoning up the finality of the horrific situation, with the repetition of the ‘no longer’. The rest is silence.

  4. Just hell on earth, those scenes in the hospitals!

  5. Sepia sent me - I am glad I came

  6. very vivid, excellent and powerful

  7. Thank you, everyone.

    When I watched this news item, I was hurting inside. The human cost of conflict, the hopelessness of the innocents, and the anonymity that abandonment brings, always hard to accept.

  8. well spoken for those who have no voice.