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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hero Tomorrow

He's got a gun
He's got a gun a guitar
and a hair cut like Che
He thrusts up defiant v-signs
at streaking vapour trails
the evidence of an enemy he's yet to meet
He's got a gun eye to eye

All the same he unloads his weapon
He's got a gun into the no-fly zone
He's waving it on high
at this illusive foe
singing songs like a Dylan or Baez
and wishing on stars above
He's got a gun the scarlet stripes of the horizon

Tomorrow he's the hero
He's got a gun He can sense
the smell of change
which wafts in his stubbled face
this monster of cool
arraigned against a monster unseen
He's got a gun who has made him all he is

© David Francis Barker

Massoud Abu Assir
David says, 'I try to paint, write poetry, prose, sometimes music - I guess that makes me an artist.'


  1. A great portrayal of this man - I didn't know about him, so thanks. I really like the idea of music as a war cry here.

  2. I agree - I was unaware of this Libyan Bob Dylan too.

    I find the article interesting in that Abu Assir states that he welcomes the NATO forces and hopes for help from Obama.

    There is hope for the world yet in that we all can - if we try - live in trust of and help each other.

    Anna :o]

  3. Of course, the fact the Libya is another country which has oil has nothing to do with our intervention.

    I appreciate the comments - thanks.