Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Gift of a Particular Miracle

Some of them happen to all of us.
Like this one. Or that one.
With unexpected recoveries,

returns to life that leave us breathless.
Today I believe the same,
look after
what continues. Night become morning,
look after thin slow-moving lines of darkness
turning to light.
I get up out of bed,

trace light's flow. Look to see who made it home,
soldiers home from Iraq,
Made it back uninjured,

saved men and women beating out
the crush of chance.
Inexplicably they are on another day alive
among us

a woman recovers from a gunshot to the head.
The undoing of the worst.
Like flower making it through
a long hot summer.
All of us relieved on such a day.

Is it so? All we can do for one
another exceeds all else? Healing.
Salience. All we know.
Again, tomorrow maybe.

The woman with the injury comes back.
Readying herself to go.

anything is possible.

For Rep. Gabby Giffords January 2011

© Charlene Langfur

Six Months After Tucson Shooting, White House Readies Gun Control Stance
Charlene is an organic gardener and a graduate of the S.U. graduate writing program.