Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Picture

A TV picture shows there's not a leaf on the tree,
with only tears falling as drops on the land.
This merciless world is the giver and the taker,
above all life, but do we ever understand?

Each day is a struggle, whoever we are;
to find a job, sometimes to park your car!
But it all pales to nothing if the rains don't come.
The trivial is essential under the searing sun.

The girl's sunken eyes reach us deep inside,
the deepest language we all comprehend;
where the rivers of belief dry up like the soil,
to wither the cause of conflict – to make war end.

© David Francis Barker

Somalia Islamists lift aid ban to help drought victims
David says, 'I try to paint, write poetry, prose, sometimes music - I guess that makes me an artist.'