Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sunday Review

It was always one of the main aims of Poetry24 to publish material drawn from international news. This week, we not only achieved that, but also enjoyed a poem with its roots in News International, or at least the Murdoch's appearance before a committee of MPs. Anthony Baverstock's We didn't start the pie fight, charts the art of pie-throwing, as a means of public protest.

On Monday, Joshua Baumgarten's We will all meet as one, when the word can eventually overpower the gun, offered a fine tribute to the recently assassinated Argentine folk singer, Facundo Cabral, while prize-winning poet, Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro, considered the nightmarish legacy of the Japanese earthquake, with Fukushima for two.

Chris Lawrence highlighted events in Syria, where public protests against the Assad regime continue to be met with brute force. His Damascus reflects the turning of a 'blind eye' by the west. Lynne Stanford exploited some clever wordplay in a debut poem, Hacked, and Martin A. Bartels, another newcomer to Poetry24, touched down quite beautifully with Landing.

Three new names have been added to our list of featured poets since last week. Word is getting around, it seems. Lynne Stanford told us, "I was directed to your site by the current issue of Mslexia.  I had been worried that political poetry wasn't getting heard, but the standard of your site is excellent."

Whichever route you take to Poetry24, be sure to bring your poems with you.

Have a good week.