Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday Review

In the week that News of the World sank in Britain in the mud of allegations of phone-hacking and bribery - as 'exposed' in Chris Lawrence's End Of yesterday - Poetry 24 has been covering our usual range of genuine news from around the world.

Earlier in the week John O'Malley's Bulawayo reminded us that Murdoch's brand of 'evil' is comparatively benign when compared to the likes of Mugabe.

Afghanistan has proved an enduring topic in these pages, and this week's offering was Shashanna - an accomplished sestina by 18-year-old Rosemary J. Collins where the repeated words hammer home the preoccupations of ordinary people living in fear.

Meanwhile, Maureen Daly's Bastille Day reminded us - with a beautiful economy of words - that there are still inequalities, even in the land of 'liberty, equality and fraternity', and David Francis Barker's A Tale of Two Countries was a good-natured poke at a disagreement rather closer to home.

But even Poetry24 succumbed to a bit of celebrity gossip, with Fran Hill's A Beckham by any normal name would smell as suspicious … - we couldn't resist any poem that mentions Piddle-on-the-Hill (although it wouldn't be appropriate in most poems, so don't try this at home!)

Now that News International is on its knees, someone else must pick up the pieces: let's see what poetic scoops, sermons and scandals you can titillate us with in the coming week...

Have a good one