Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday Editorial

You could have been forgiven for thinking you'd arrived at the wrong blog if you paid us a visit on Monday, as you came face to face with Our Little Plastic Friend, the eponymous character in a short, thought-provoking film by David Green. It was only the second clip we've used, since Poetry24 was launched in February, although we'd love to see more. Clare and I openly welcome YouTube submissions (see guidelines) so don't be shy, send them in.

Sonnet Mondal's sobering Last Wish Declined tackled the controversial issue of the ultimate sanction, capital punishment, while Philip Challinor pointed a finger at the phone hacking scandal, with Inconceivably Innocent.

The mounting horrors faced by those in the drought-stricken horn of Africa, prompted David Francis Barker to pick up his pen. The Picture raises some uncomfortable questions about perspectives in so-called developed countries.

Katherine Lockton was also in full flight with her powerful Lamentations 4, Iraq after its fall, an examination of the legacy of military intervention by the west.

Stafford Ray rounded out the week with one of his snappy limericks, Tantrums in the Cradle of Democracy.

Another week, and another fine mix of poems inspired by stories and events in the news. We've now featured the work of 55 poets. Some previously published, and some newcomers to the medium. Why not claim the spot for number 56?