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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Of Somalia

What kind of zealot
By oppression and denial
Would further starve
The very bodies, minds and souls
Of his brothers, sisters
Who through famine
Linger, emaciated
As death waits
Expectedly, hungrily
In the shadows?

What kind of zealot
Would refuse
Western, Christian aid
As his people
Who long to live
Sweep up innocent tiny
Scraps of life,
(Who suckle hungrily
At arid breasts)
And trudge wearily
On perilous journeys
For weeks, days
To escape
The ever expanding
Famine zone?

What kind of zealot
Believes his God
Will allow him
Entry to Heaven as
He watches, weeping,
As mankind, His creation
Spews evil in His name?

What kind of zealot
Truly believes that
Allah by His judgement
Will allow him entry
To Heaven by His mercy
And not cast him
Into Hell by His justice?

© 'Anna'

Somalia's Hungry Need Urgent Help
I am passionate about my world and write my feelings in both poetry and prose. I live in the UK and for personal reason prefer to remain just 'Anna'.
Anna says: "I realise that the reasons for the famine are complex, global politics have played a part and interest in providing aid by some governments is driven by Somalia’s oil production – but nevertheless for Al-Shabaab to deny a problem and deny aid horrifies me."


  1. Been thinking exactly along those lines - wonderful words Anna about an horrific situation.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment gabrielle - what a sad world we exist in. Perhaps if humans didn't exist the world might be a better place? Saying that, I do realise that nature - despite its beauty - is cruel.

    Anna :o]

  3. When I take off my poetry cap, I run a nonprofit organization that provides vegetable seeds to the impoverished and undernourished around the world. The situation in Somalia and so many other places facing severe drought and famine is horrifying enough in itself. Much more so then, the horror wrought by misguided political egos. Thank you for your insightful poem.

  4. Thank you for your kind comment Martin and I take my cap off to you for providing seeds to those in great need.

    Anna :o]