Thursday, 21 July 2011


I’ve had my heart hacked
by a man I can’t stand.

Initially he was fishing for information:
my likes/dislikes, birthday. My dress size.

Then he’d crash into me (with supposed serendipity) saying
things like ‘Great shoes’ and ‘Your hands are so cute.’

But as he surfed my software, his hardware got involved.
He began editing: messing with my heart strings.

He exported the pain of loved ones I lost
and recycled the fires of my anxieties.

He cut my gut feelings, my sneaking suspicions
about his tall tales and crawly taloned fingernails.

He also downloaded ... created this romance
of idealistic dates. And sex. Kisses.

He deleted my boyfriend - made me love him instead.
Now all that I have is what he saved.

So I’m starting afresh with a brand new heart,
and I’ve installed a firewall. This time I’m guarded.


© Lynne Stanford

Phone-hacking spotlight falls on Met PR man, Dick Fedorcio
Lynne Stanford was born in Perth, Scotland, and her first words were 'Hong Kong'.