Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fukushima for two

a pink sunset has been observed after
Fukushima tears in my cheeks
I am not sure about this landscape
other color ranges
from violet and gray
I miss the game of the shapes of clouds
this twilight contains the highest level of millisieverts
since the recall
800 mSv per hour
a scan of my abdomen and pelvis
an x-ray of my spine
lies on the terrace table
reads: 15 millisieverts of radiation
Melba made grimaces
and laughs at my concern
there is an echo of iodine, strontium and cesium
if I ever get a hamster I'll name him Strontium
she move the shoulders to look flirty
I smile because for me she looks absolutely beautiful
Even thou this is worse than Chernobyl
even thou I notice a new blister on her neck
we hug and suddenly
I want to know if she is an atheist
I try to pronounce the sentence
nothing comes out of my mouth
amazing sunsets around the world
breath taking sunsets in other parts of the planet
a pink sunset
here in Fukushima
a cry sunset

© Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro

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Yolanda is the author of the novel Caparazones (2010) and has won prizes including National Institute of Puerto Rican Literature Prize in 2008. She is a Director of the Puerto Rican Word Festival.