Saturday, 16 July 2011

End Of

It is a media necrosis
no real news
supporting the ailing
bulky mass,
vessels cauterised,
head and mind
last issue been and
they support nothing,
all that was,
was their creation
they gave us a need
for celebrity and sex,
gullible we drank it up,
wanting more
stories garish even perverse
to feed our addiction,
they spread the word,
viral parasitic forms
collated stories,
by any means,
with powers and no
probable cause,
a dictatorship would be
they monitored and probed
delving deeper
than the taxman,
now as we become shocked,
as if dawning to our
we bay for blood
and call for this
ailing media to be
assisted in it's

© Chris Lawrence

Phone hacking: spreading scandal, mounting questions
Chris Lawrence lives with his muse in West Kirby and writes, having been published in many journals internationally and can be found on twitter @clawfish.
Editor's note: News of the World might be no more, but our usual Sunday Review (full of celebrity gossip, violence and voyeursim!) will be here as usual tomorrow