Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I come across an old dusty tattered
Newspaper heading reads "Nkomo
Burial To Day"

Contemplate the Chronicle
"Father of the Nation "
words fail me ....

eight years on
Ndebele and Shona
starve for want of a reasonable

Leader -instead they are unable
to get rid of crazy Mugabe
no better news since

Josiah passed on
Beautiful land described as
"Bread Basket of Africa"

Zimbabwe your wonderful climate
put under the tyrant's heel
Best white farmers expelled-

Ignorance ,blood lust,tribal domination
Mad Evil anti democratic-Election Rigger
president rules on a whim.....

© John O'Malley

The Last Days of Robert Mugabe
John was born in Limerick. Some years ago, he co-founded Bayside Writers, has contributed to several anthologies and magazines. Last year, Lapwing produced his 'Order of the Wild'.