Monday, 27 June 2011

When she went missing

Time tracked strangely through those days, fear
shape-shifting seconds into years,
marking months with tallies of tears.

Clutching still, they held their hope tight
and sleepless through the dark, dragged nights
waited dumbly for each dawn’s light.

Those were the days they felt faith rock
and turned the locks against the knock
and listened to the ticking clock.

Still the dread slid under the door,
soaked their skin through every pore
and sweated at their very core.

Until at last the final knock
heralds the springing of their lock
On hope; their child’s gone. Stop the clock.

© Rachel North

Levi Bellfield found guilty of abducting and killing teenager
Rachel is a trainee poet and failed domestic goddess. The latter is entirely due to the fact that her favourite pastime is sitting in the sunshine reading a good book.