Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What a Blinder

What a blinder our Nicky has played!
What courage and vim he's displayed!
He's kept a cool head
And made us our bed -
If we just cuddle up we'll be made!

Our ratings have taken a dive,
While Nicky helps Davey to thrive!
What a coup! what a stroke
For our thrusting wee bloke!
If we're lucky we may just survive!

We may not have got our AV,
For Dave's not as cuddly as we;
But at least we can change
The boundaries' range
And get more constituency!

What's this? have we taken this beating
And tarnished our glory so fleeting,
For Nicky to pander
To Dave's gerrymander
And lose us a fourth of our seating?

Our finances look a bit frayed;
Our councillors all have been flayed.
From the tuition fees
To the child-prison freeze,
What a blinder our Nicky has played!

© Philip Challinor

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