Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday Editorial

All the poets this week have been new to Poetry24 and we hope you enjoyed them.

What better start to the week than Jess Green's Stop the Poetry. I've seen Jess perform this and when she says 'I will stand on the tables of cafes' and 'light the fuse of villanelles' she really isn't kidding!

Another feisty young poet, Rebecca Audra Smith took a well-aimed pop at Barbie this week with Metharme (the title, by the way, is from Greek Mythology - the name of the daughter of Pygmalion, who fell in love with a statue he carved. I looked that up so you don't have to!). And Thursday's poem was by another student, Simrita Iota, who hasn't written poetry before but managed to evoke a disjointed, disturbed, street-level view of the world in A Smile.

As a new generation of young poets takes on the big issues of the day - funding cuts, the ruthless quest for physical perfection, homelessness - again, Jess hits the nail on the head: 'you will not stop the pens moving'

But it isn't just the students who are up in arms - the appalling gendercide which is still going on in China provoked a blistering attack from Wynne Huddleston in Red, Red Rain. And Anthony Baverstock took a slightly different approach to give his views on the Arab Spring in Rising Tide yesterday, which inspired our first Saturday Challenge.

We were pleased to receive a poem from award-winning Irish poet Jaki McCarrick - The Ice House - a timely reminder that we're happy to include the occasional news item from your own locality too.
Keep them coming!