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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Saturday Challenge

Rising Tide

The bully built a castle, little castle made of sand,
And he built it on the seashore where the water laps the land.
How the children of the village cheer, a mighty awesome din,
As his castle walls are flattened by the tide a-rolling in.

© Anthony Baverstock

Where the Arab spring will end is anyone's guess

Anthony Baverstock is from Colchester, home of Humpty-Dumpty, which might help explain his curiosity about nursery rhymes.
Anthony says: I've started to become interested in how nursery rhymes throughout history have been used to encode and convey news and opinion. It is in this 'tradition' that I wrote the rhyme below about the Arab Spring

Saturday Challenge

We'll be setting the occasional Saturday Challenge, and for this first one, we'd like you to send us a new nursery rhyme on a topical theme. Entries must be sent in (to the email addresses in the submission guide above) by noon (GMT) next Friday 24th June. We'll publish the best and the winner will receive a copy of 'Off the Wall Comic Verse Anthology'.


  1. Such a clever concept. I enjoyed this poem.
    I had the same thought yesterday about nursery rhymes when I mentioned 'ring a ring a rosy' in a blogpost. I may rise to the Saturday challenge.

  2. Thanks Brigid!

    I too may take the Saturday challenge – Kanellos, that dogged doggy demonstrator from Athens, immediately springs to mind as a possibility:


    I'm certain I'll have some stiff competition, though!

    (I should also take this opportunity to quickly add that Humpty Dumpty is reputedly from Colchester, but that not everyone agrees, and that the historical basis of many a nursery rhyme is difficult or impossible to prove.)