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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Mice and Men

What will become of the broken-hearted?
What can we do to repair
Pumps that have been restarted
By medics, sworn to spare?

Fear of failure comes at a price,
It's damage limitation.
Hope rests with disenfranchised mice,
And defibrillation.

© Martin Hodges

Drug makes hearts repair themselves
Martin is a writer, and former columnist. He has twice been editor of Viewpoint (a forum for INDEPENDENT internal comment within the University of Southampton), and is co-founder of Poetry24.
Editor's note: When I first read this story, I thought, great! Then I started thinking about the mice, and that IS fatal.


  1. If laboratory mice could speak,
    A dying gasp or whisper;
    “A heart attack, a narrow squeak!
    Survived it by a whisker."

  2. Little Nell - Nice one! Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Haha - love it esp. 'disenfranchised mice' - I am having all these visions of the mice in this experiment (having little heart attacks and taking tablets :) )

  4. Gabrielle - There's an animated tale there, somewhere!