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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Man Trouble

You don't care care too much,
what others think or feel, it's clear.
The channels of your mind
are kept clean and
uncluttered with thought
of how society changes.
So that, to you, what was, is now
and ever thus will be.
Or similar dread
While the wannabe like you group,
will splutter about
"political correctness' and
"Only saying what everyone thinks".
Which ignores the fact that
anyone, who thinks,
doesn't think like you.
The problem is not the thinking
it's the lack of simple
human decency.

© Hamish Mack

Women less productive - EMA boss
Hamish is a 51 year old New Zealander, married with 2 children. He has been writing poems for about 3 years, and has had a some published. He also blogs, at Light of Passage.


  1. Great title - haha - and the last 3 lines are perfect.

  2. Thanks gabriellebryden. The last lines are the result of trying to boil down how I felt about what this guy said. I was getting too complicated about it when it is very fundamental abuse.

  3. I was shocked by this story - and so glad it was a man who wrote this poem! Thanks, Hamish!