Thursday, 2 June 2011

His Father’s Died

Set fire to the earth, make molten rocks blaze,
bring forth the ravaging winds and torrents
Of rain, let the twisters lacerate, rend
the world in deadly destruction and raze
the buildings to the ground . Let all men gaze
upon this savage loss, make madness bend
their minds, claw their eyes and tear their hair, send
them to despair. This is the end of days.

The world should share the pain that’s made day night,
that’s lit a fire of grief that sears his soul
and blackens all the colours in his sight.
Let all the world beware, his father lied,
took oath, and made his spirit black as coal,
He said he’d live, but now his father’s died.

© Rachel North

Tom Daley's father Rob dies after five-year battle with cancer
Rachel is a Nurse, who has a passion for writing creatively. She is a featured poet at Poetry24.