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Friday, 3 June 2011

Death and the Cucumber

I learned young not to trust cucumbers -
their going off so soon, their after-taste.

I only eat them fresh from the garden -
quality assured and as local as it gets.

While Spanish cucumbers feed Europe
in a crazy trade of vegetables

and part of me is not surprised
at the sickness that results.

© Juliet Wilson

E. coli cucumber scare: Cases 'likely to increase'
Juliet is a poet, adult education tutor and editor of Bolts of Silk


  1. 'crazy trade' is spot on! Fruits and vegetables travelling huge distances to satisfy demand for everything NOW! People don't want to wait for anything anymore and we are paying the price for our infantile demands.

  2. Q: What do you call an awkward load of vegetables?
    A: Cucumbersome
    ha ha ha ha ha (sorry, couldn't help myself)

  3. Of course, we've been importing and exporting salad around Europe for centuries - since St Paul sent his first lettuce to the Corinthians!

  4. broken biro - good point, but some of the trade these days is crazy, the Uk for example exports onions to the Netherlands and imports onions from the Netherlands just as we export cucumbers to the USA and import them from Spain! I drink so much tea, which has to be imported from the other side of the world, that I'm not going to criticise all foreign trade!

  5. wildish woman, and broken biro - of course thansk for the jokes.... sorry broken biro, I didn't quite appreciate your joke first time round,,,,

  6. I was just using your poem as a vehicle for my 'lettuce to the Corinthians joke'! *blushes*

    I actually used to work for an environmental charity which campaigned strongly against 'food miles' - I still grow what I can myself. Courgettes make an excellent substitute for cucumber in a salad, btw.