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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Serbian concert goer's nursery rhyme

Ring a ring o’ roses
To Serbia Amy goeses
The drink is an issue
She all fall down

Now everybody knowses
That drink can spoil the showbiz
Oh Amy, we mish you
You all fall down

Can’t balance in her shoesies.
What’s doing it? The booze is.
Your band members kish you.
You still fall down.

You’re staggering in your boob tube.
We all saw it on Youtube.
We mish what you used to do
Before you fell down.

What everybody knows is
We saved up for your showsies
You’re pissed, you, you’re pissed, you
Our cash falls down.

We hope that Amy goeses
To rehab. All we knows is
We mish what she was before
She all fall down

© Fran Hill

Amy Winehouse cancels two dates of European tour

Fran lives in the West Midlands (UK). She teaches English in a local secondary school, writes, performs, blogs, tweets and tries to resist chocolate.

Editors' note: Don't forget, we're looking for YOUR modern nursery rhymes for our Saturday Challenge!


  1. Fran, you do make us laugh! I particularly like: You're pissed you, you're pissed you!

  2. That's so brilliant! Very funny.

  3. Thanks, bb. Poor Amy, though. I actually feel very sorry for her. So talented, so troubled.

    Jennyfreckles - thank you! Glad it made you laugh.

  4. I hope she can be helped, but I love her music!

  5. Wynne - me too. I think she's fabulous. Or is that 'was'? Boo hoo!

  6. Gabrielle - thanks for leaving a comment. Glad you liked it.

    Francis - You too!

  7. I posted a comment on your home page earlier--it's too long to copy here.

  8. Truly a nursery rhyme of our time.

  9. fishducky - yes, thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

    Steve - unfortunately, yes.

  10. Poor Amy. Couldn't somebody have propped her up?
    Mind you, if you are reduced to going to Serbia to do a concert you haven't got far too fall.