Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A North African Cable

North Africa like a cord,
or cable made of interwoven wires,
begins to unravel,

with each strand lost,
the stress increases,
as does the tension on the cable,

the first wires to unwind,
old and frayed,
Tunisia and Egypt unwound,
and the cable seemed intact,
the damage only hidden to the naked eye,

now as the strands continue to unravel,
the cable reacts violently to the strain,
soon the region in chaos,
as all that binds the region together,
becomes as unhinged as Gaddafi himself.

© Douglas Polk

Where the Arab spring will end is anyone's guess
Douglas is a poet from Nebraska. He has published three books of poetry; In My Defense, The Defense Rests, and On Appeal.
Editor's Note: Douglas equates the turmoil in the Middle East, with the unravelling of a cable. But is it all coming undone at the seams, or will these events ultimately have a unifying effect?