Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday Editorial

I've been holding the fort this week as Martin has been struck down by the Lurgy. Which makes it a good time to remind people to please send submission's to BOTH of us as described in the guidelines above... if you send a new poem by replying to an email from one of us it might get lost in the system. Yes, we have a system.
We started on a sombre note this week with Katherine Lockton's poem 'For Madeleine McCann' - sadly still topical on the fourth anniversary of her disappearance. Other poems have been venting anger at the 'establishment': with P.A. Levy's 'Anthem for Cheats and Scroungers' - a hard-hitting polemic for the hardest hit - and Kulsoom Mirza's 'Partially Impartial' - reflecting on the continuing struggle in the Middle East. Both include a side-swipe at the BBC for silencing voices of protest.
Politicians (and ex-politicians) came under fire again in Philip Challinor's cynical Curriculum Vitae... showing how those responsible for 'managing' the country are the very opposite of 'the hardest hit'.
We finished with Irish poet Niamh Prior's 'Melchert-Dinkel Story' on a Minnesota man's 'lethal advocacy' to suicidal people on internet chat rooms.
I was surprised and a disappointed not to receive (yet!?) any poems relating to yesterday's supposed Judgement Day - no Rapture Rap, Armageddon Sonnet or Apocalyse Calypso.
Ahh well... it's not the end of the world.