Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday Editorial

Another mixed week here at Poetry24. We 'Jumped' straight in with Fran Hill's playful ode to Samoa - who have chosen to move to the other side of the International Date Line. But we never keep you giggling too long - next up was Gabrielle Brydon's moving 'Death Penalty' on every parents' nightmare of their child being incarcerated for a relatively minor offense born of stupidity.
We also published our first contribution from a New Zealander this week - Greg Brimblecombe's 'Epistle' which drew on poetry's 'big guns' to examine the way Osama bin Laden was found and killed... although it's possible Blogger was trying to suppress this information by 'losing' the post during this week's glitches! We finished the week with Peter Goulding's eulogy to golfer Seve Ballesteros - 'From the Tee to the Green'... ending the week not with a bang but with a 'putter'.
We love to receive your cutting edge 'of the moment' poems, but we're also happy to consider contributions which commemorate the anniversary of significant events of the past. Did you write a stirring poem about something you saw, read or heard on the news that really was 'topical at the time'? (It may help to look at the BBC's On This Day pages to jog your memories.)
Also new this week: We've started a 'Links' page (above) to list useful websites for poets - do let us know of any that you think should be up there (we're a bit UK-centric at the moment but working on it!), but we reserve the right to be picky!
I'll finish with a 'Sunday Short'...

Is gone.
must we
hate next?

© Stafford Ray