Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday Editorial

Luckily we were still around on Monday and Tuesday, to read about 'Judgment Day'. May 21st came and went, leaving room for Ana Garza G'z to have her say at the top of the week, followed closely by Stafford Ray's trio of limericks on Raptures past and present.

Geoffrey Datson's Hail Columbia, was a commentary inspired by the loss of Sgt Brett Wood to an IED in Afghanistan and, Life Lessons, Philip Challinor's sharp response to the appointment of a pro-abstinence charity to a sexual health forum, in which the British Pregnancy Advisory Service found itself with no part to play.

We couldn't resist Heather Wastie's Night(ie)mares, after a primary school head teacher ticked off some parents for not changing out of their pyjamas before bringing their children to school, and Greg Brimblecombe's thought provoking piece, Poetry: and elimination contest (in conversation with Reality TV) rounded out the week.

In the past six days, we've showcased the work of three poets, new to Poetry24, Ana Garza G'z, Geoffrey Datson and Heather Wastie. Next week it could be you.