Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Raptures past and present...

They said; “if you wake up to find
The faithful have left you behind,
You’ll know that the rapture
Failed to recapture
Your devious Atheist mind!”

So what did I find when I woke
this morning and looked for you folk?
You-all are still here,
not in Heaven, I fear
‘Cause the whole stupid thing is a joke!

It’s clear that the Rapture’s a con,
with so many dates come and gone.
It seems that the grand plan
is worth even less than
the paper it’s all written on!
© Stafford Ray
Deadline passes, world still here
Writer of musical plays and reading resources for schools. Wannbe novelist, one completed, two more on the way. Poetry happens when moved, limericks when amused (interchangeable).

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