Saturday, 28 May 2011

Poetry : an elimination contest (in conversation with Reality TV )

Hey Big Brother
Come dine with me
I want you to be a Survivor
On a poets reality show.
The poems won’t use
The 'F' Word
employ master chefs
or be made in Hell’s Kitchen.
These poems will be written by
poets who invent the muse.
Then given 60 minute make overs
Make us feel 10 years younger
And end up flying over Project Runaway.
Poetry written to ridicule the Jackass
Giving it a most extreme make over
No weakest link here .
We are better than The apprentice
My toupee left inside changing rooms
Man vs wild
Always dancing with the stars.
So hear me reality TV
Come join the amazing race
poetry is not scared
Fear factored to laugh at you
While everyone is mucking in
On the Treasure Island
Of a Poets Reality show

© Greg Brimblecombe

'Dancing with the Stars' leaderboard topped by Chelsea Kane
Greg is currently residing in New Zealand. He has not escaped yet. He has been writing poetry for over 20 years and at present co ordinates a Poetry group on a beautiful bush clad Penisula.