Monday, 30 May 2011

Pet Rock's Lament

I long to pogo with the Pokemon
Life is ok, now that Bob the Builder’s been and gone.
Watching TV to forget the news
to re-mind myself
none of it is true.

Popular Culture makes you think.
Chop it into little bits and flush it down the sink.
Throw the children overboard, the media she's Medea,
And she will kill them
if you leave her.

Once mocked, democracy
She won't come back to visit me
Operators are standing by to fill your life with stuff
I say that all of it
is never enough.

© Geoffrey Datson

A Critique of Reporting on the Middle East
Geoffrey Datson is a poet, singer-songwriter and composer. He has released several solo albums of spoken word works and song. Then, and Then: a memoir, is his first book.