Saturday, 21 May 2011

Melchert-Dinkel Story

Melchert-Dinkel gets a twinkle
In his eye, when his online friends
Feel so alone that hope is gone
And just want their lives to end.
A former nurse, he earns their trust
With tips for DIY deeds
Calls himself Miss Dao and tells all them how
A sturdy knot’s all one needs.
He makes a pact of this brave act
You first, slip into your noose
I’ll watch as you hang, switch on your webcam
How pretty your face is in puce.
A college freshman, and an IT tech-man
The judge found him guilty for
And he insisted he'd assisted
Just five suicides, no more.
Now he’s in jail, banned from email
For three hundred and fifty odd days
He says he meant
No sinister intent
And they would have done it anyway.

© Niamh Prior

Assisted Suicide Goes Digital: When Is a Chat-Room Post a Crime?
Niamh lives in Kinsale, Ireland where she is happiest when writing or surfing. Visit her website to learn more.