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Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Samoa gets to jump a day
I want to jump one, too
I want to jump next Monday
And avoid the Monday blues

I want to jump next Tuesday
When my mum-in-law is staying
I want to jump next Wednesday
When my gas bill’s due for paying

I want to jump next Thursday
So I don’t teach my Year 10s
I want to jump next Friday
Straight into the next weekend

If I can have a two for one
I’ll take a Mon and Tues
And jump straight into Wednesday
Come on, how can you refuse?

If there’s a buy two get one free
I’ll take the Wed to Fri
And jump from Tues straight into Sat
And kiss the week goodbye

I don’t mind jumping further
Say, to Friday night from Mon
And have my life in weekends
Leaping straight from fun to fun

Samoa gets to jump a day
I want to have a go
I think I’d say ‘Samoa of that!’ ...

But I bet the answer's no.

© Fran Hill

Samoa to jump forward in time by one day
Fran lives in the West Midlands (UK). She teaches English in a local secondary school, writes, performs, blogs, tweets and tries to resist chocolate. www.ilurveenglish.blogspot.com


  1. Fran, that exceedingly clever girl, strikes again! "Samoa of that," I say, too!