Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hail Columbia

Romeo. I'm not down with you, as such
A juggernaut that kills for culture
All portentous in the Columbia dawn?
I cannot fit that fashion
Nor mouth its platitudes.

Juliet how low hangs your balcony, now?
And the message that fails to get through
Is all the more tragic for its non delivery.
Still brother kills brother
and Mr President,
everybody's way of life is negotiable.

Pass the message on.

If a piece of heaven falls to earth
A chunk of gods dreaming
Sits discarded out there
A puzzle even to crows.

In the far off chrome towers
A stay of execution enshrouds
Our bejewelled city.
The justness of cause or the causes of justness
I doubt you'd slip a leaders IQ between them.
Trains run on time but off the tracks
And a life deftly taken will not come back.
Everybodys way of life is negotiable.

Pass the message on.

Cause and effect; it's a mathematics of language
The unexpected forever killed by hindsight.
Time to stop leading and start listening.
It's all negotiable.
Pass your life along.
They need it over here.

© Geoffrey Datson

'Magnificent soldier' Sgt Brett Wood killed by IED in Afghanistan
Geoffrey Datson is a poet, singer-songwriter and composer. He has released several solo albums of spoken word works and song. Then, and Then: a memoir, is his first book.