Saturday, 14 May 2011

From the Tee to the Green

for Seve

From the tee to the forest
to the bunker to the green,
you blasted your way around the course,
throwing golfballs to the finger-licked wind
like a gambler gleefully hurling die
down the smooth baize.

‘Seve has found himself deep in the rough,
This really is most riveting stuff,’
                                said Peter Alliss

and in tightly-packed Sunday afternoon homes,
will willed you on as you lurched from the carpark
to the heavy rough; we, who wouldn’t know
a putter from a sand-wedge, or a claret jug,
if it jumped up and bit us on the arse.
We jerked with every flamboyant stroke
and mimicked your outrageous Spanish accent,
so different from the usual clipped tones.

From the tee to the forest
to the bunker...

© Peter Goulding

Seve Ballesteros: Spain mourns 'father of Spanish golf'
Peter Goulding works in a warehouse in co. Kildare, Ireland and has bribed editors in four continents to accept his poetry. He has no practical talents whatsoever.