Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Death Penalty

Relief and tears on hearing
that young Scott Rush will live
to face life in an Indonesian prison,
not death by firing squad.

To shoot in cold blood,
that’s killing,
Truman Capote style:

Dick Hickock and Perry Smith
slaughtered a family of four
innocence – gunned and sliced
remorseless, senseless!

The young Rush boy carried drugs,
part of the Bali nine,
not a ringleader, a minor mule
with brains to match.

He didn’t kill anyone,
drug users make their choice,
just stupid bravado, bad company
and the broken hearted

parents living his nightmare.

© Gabrielle Bryden

Bali Nine's Scott Rush avoids death penalty
Gabrielle Bryden is an Australian poet published in Ripples, Speedpoets, Extempore magazines; Cherry Blossom Review, Lunarosity, Divan, Bolts of Silk, Third Eye, Specusphere ezines; and on national ABC Radio.