Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Anthem For Cheats & Scroungers

To suffer slings and crutches
of nature’s misfortunes is not
enough. The dribbling self-
defecating masses,
when we’re not too busy
cheating taxpayers and watching
David Dickinson, are revolting.
‘In-valid’ is the word I’m sure
Westminster would prefer to promote,
or the 19th century return
of the ‘undeserving poor’, which
is making a strong comeback with our
carers on £55 per week. But hey! we’re all
in this together, so along with inflation
to deflating our wheelchair tyres
here comes a cut in our benefits. We can’t
riot like students, or strike like unions,
so they can let us have a little shout
a bit of swear as some of us are deaf
and some can’t see what’s going on,
those with MS will probably fall down
before they even reach Parliament Square,
where they brush us aside as having tourettes
and say: “calm down dear
it’s only your benefits,
go get a meaningless underpaid job
‘cos yer worthless and no one
gives a toss”. An attitude apparently
endorsed by the BBC
who somehow forgot to give
our rally any coverage on TV.
The hardest hit take yet another slap,
swept under the carpet, kept hidden
in the attic and out of sight
less we offend sensitive bankers
and coalition politicians, who have
full use of their arms and legs, but
sadly suffer a crippled moral compass.

© Paul Levy

Disabled people stage protest over spending cuts
P.A. Levy, a disabled writer, living in Suffolk, has been published online and in print - ‘A cappella Zoo’ to ‘Zygote In My Coffee’, and is a founding member of the Clueless Collective.