Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunday Editorial 2

Martin left me minding the Poetry24 shop this week and, as I have cheerfully informed him this morning, 'nothing bad happened' in his absence.

It's been a curious week here, with unlikely subjects sparking poems: Kat Mortensen's Jelly Bean Queen set the quirky tone, and Philip Challinor's edgy Pissed Off was an interesting piece for Easter week. I was also delighted to receive two submissions from popular blogger Fran 'Being Me' Hill - Recipe for a few weeks off work on the demise of the Best Before date and 21 April 2011 (which was the date of the future 'Judgement Day' in the Terminator films). I was thinking about the end of life as we know it, too, with my climate change poem for Earth Day: Dry Weather.

What do we learn from all of this? That it's worth looking at the smaller, quirky stories for inspiration too... and that we're always happy to look at broader issues if you can link it to a recent news article - so keep those submissions coming! Let's have some more quirky takes on the Royal Wedding, or surprise us with something completely unexpected.

But don't forget that all-important news link.