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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Stillbirth. (For Grace)

Listen, although your ears are stopped for good.

Look, and see my love, although your eyes are blind.

Feel the cup of my hand, your cradle,

although no touch will fire your frozen skin.

I‘ve held you deep within my body’s beat,

felt flying flutter and drum of dancing feet

tattoo new rhythms, and sing new

songs; your precious heart the score before me.

Now love’s labour’s done.

Brought forth with no anticipation,

hope killed;

life stilled.

Spooling out across the years your colours slide.

From needles stripped, the pattern, sly, derides.

Unstitched the fabric of our lives

and tore the stuff to shreds before our eyes.

Look back; I see your shadow flying forwards,

not futureless but written through each story;

a single, perfect, shining thread

tacks tight the tattered tissues of our hearts.

© Rachel North

UK stillbirth rates among highest of rich nations
Rachel is a Nurse and has only just started to write creatively.  This story particularly touched her because she has nursed women who have endured stillbirth.


  1. "tacks tight the tattered tissues of our hearts"

    Hearts which cannot fail to reach out to all who have experience of such loss...

  2. Such powerful moving words, so beautifully put together.

  3. I like 'Feel the cup of my hand, your cradle'. Moving poem.

  4. What a beautiful poem and such a tribute to the lives that are over before they begin.

  5. This poem is indeed a fitting tribute to a situation that's so tragic I can hardly bear to think about it, much less attempt to find words that are adequate to it. Thank you.

  6. Beautiful sad words and very moving.

    Anna :o]

  7. Oh my heart....

    Just beautiful.

  8. Only a poem can even begin to express the pain and loss of a child. Deeply moving.

  9. I sit here with tears in my eyes...

  10. A very beautiful and fitting tribute ... 'I've held you deep within my body's beat' .. very powerful.