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Monday, 11 April 2011

St Andrews Worksong

The cat provided cover
But still aware the trap was closing?
When the Middle East controlled
By less than 3% of the World...
It played no other part in the story
Except it survived

Recruitments in state school on the edge of Atlantic
Where they were once fired
It's now handshakes and welcomes
On every available surface
In every valuable language
So when they graduate to Embassy
They can gather and report work back?
A bright new dawn
Of enlightenment?
I don't need to build a shelter
I can predict the weather
The Middle East goes on forever

Many more will get murdered
But more eyes will open
You will not see this reported
So enjoy camcorder footage
When the Middle East controlled
By less than 3% of the world...

© Aaron Murdoch

MI5 advertises for possible recruits in St Andrews University student newspaper


Aaron Murdoch is from Wirral and performs poetry widely around Merseyside. More at: Write Out Loud.

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